Almut Stribeck

House and garden

Home for Two

This is our house in Alsterstieg 99, Norderstedt, Germany. Our children are grown up. Now there are only the two of us who live here.

Map and directions

E-mail: almut(at)

Times are changing

In 2016 I (Almut) am going to retire from a professorship in Polymer Physics at the University of Hamburg. Therefore I move my professional presentation here. The old presentation is outdated, anyway because I do not find the time to operate the CMS.

Another big change has started in 2009, when I (former: Norbert) outed myself as a transgender. Suppresion for decades had caused a number of threatening diseases. They are all cured, and since January 2014 I am doing the technical steps. The legal part is finished. I am happy.