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Almut Sandra Stribeck

Prof. Dr. Almut Stribeck

Prof. Dr. Almut Sandra Stribeck - Polymer physicist
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University of Hamburg
Department of Chemistry
Institute TMC
Bundesstr. 45
D-20146 Hamburg

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Almut Sandra Stribeck
born October 7, 1950 in Duisburg as Norbert Stribeck. German. Married since 1982. 4 children. Change of name, gender and civil status 2015.
Polymer physicist
Studies in Bochum and Marburg. PhD 1980 (Prof. W. Ruland). Assistant Researcher Univ. Hamburg 1982. Associate professor 1996. Full professor 2008
SAXS tomography (study of nanostructure variations in solid polymer parts by means of tomography with spatial resolutions in the micrometer-range). In-situ monitoring of nanostructure evolution in rods, films or fibers during polymer processing and loading. Visualization of nanostructure from X-ray scattering patterns. Advance of evaluation methods

Stribeck, N.; Smarsly, B. (Eds.) "Scattering Methods and the Properties of Polymer Materials", Springer, 2005, ISBN 10-3-540-25323-5

Stribeck, N. "X-Ray Scattering of Soft Matter", Springer, 2007, ISBN 978-3-540-69855-5

Book chapters
8 contributions published
More than 120 original papers, 14 papers in conference proceedings